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A selection of workshops provided advice & practical information for parents & carers, brought to you by local experts in the industry. Fun taster sessions too!


The complete schedule of free workshops is as follows;

West Sussex Baby Shows Workshop 11am Workshop 11.30am Workshop 12.45pm Workshop 12.15pm Workshop 1.15pm

Would you know the difference between gagging and choking? Would you be able to assist anyone if they were choking? Do you know the difference between abdominal thrusts and the Heimlich manoeuvre?


Come and find out at 11am!

Paediatric First Aid Intro - Choking

Free Workshops

‘Leave Your Dignity at the Door’

and Other Sh*t Your Mother-in-Law Says

Jessica Smart - Midwife of 10 years, working within the NHS and privately, as well as having had two children of her own, is now spreading her own personal brand of top tips and humour to new parents and professionals around the country.


Hear her stories and advice, and get empowered!

Story Time

Join the Usborne Books team for a ROARsome story-telling session. An active, interactive story time filled with fascinating facts; lessons on friendship; and of course, megalosaurus amounts of fun!

Do You or Your Child Need More Sleep?

How much sleep should your child be getting appropriate to their age? What are the implications for lack of sleep for the family? How to help your child sleep more with gentle techniques. How diet and exercise can influence sleep and coping mechanisms for parents.  


Question and answer time!

Come and treat your baby to a taster of one of our award winning Baby Sensory classes! Each activity is designed specifically to aid your baby’s development whist ensuring you both have a lot of fun too!


Suitable for babies aged 0-13 months only.

Numbers limited, first come first served.

Baby Sensory

Workshop 1.45pm Workshop 2.15pm

What do Babies Learn in the Womb?

Newborn babies may look like they are blissfully oblivious visitors from the outer space, but they already know a thing or two. For example, they know which foods are safe to eat and they can recognise their mother’s voice.


Join this talk to discover what else babies learn while they are floating about in the womb.

A workshop discussing breastfeeding journeys from antenatal preparation, how your birth may influence this and those first few weeks.


Opportunity to ask questions at any stage of your breastfeeding journey and any issues you may have.

Breastfeeding Journeys

Daisy First Aid - Paediatric First Aid Crawley Jessica Smart - Private Midwife Lactation Consultancy Baby Sensory Help Your Child Thrive Lactation Consultancy Usbourne